Trips and Training Calendar

For all of PIKA’s trips, paddles and training, see the calendar below.

Calendar last updated June 30, 2022 !

Joining a Paddle

You must be a member of PIKA to join a paddle. No guests are permitted and no “drop-ins” on the day of the paddle are permitted.

If it’s a single day paddle, you’ll need to let the trip facilitator know at least two days ahead so the float plan can be created and sent to the trip coordinator. If it’s a weekend or longer trip, then more than a week’s notice of your intent to participate is required. More adventurous week long paddles require planning meetings to make sure everyone is capable of making the trip safely.

For details about how to join a paddle, see page 2 of the Calendar. Plan your paddling year and let the facilitators know as soon as you know!

Trip Waiver

The trip facilitator will send you a trip waiver form which you must fill out and return before the trip. To understand the purpose of this document, see Waiver Explanation.

PIKA’s trip classification system

PIKA applies a trip classification in its trip schedule to indicate the expected skills/degree of difficulty (1-4) and the distance involved and physical effort necessary (A-D) for a PIKA trip.

A trip classification is set by the most difficult and most strenuous part of the trip. It does not take into account changes in sea conditions or weather which may change the trip classification unexpectedly.

Don’t overestimate your paddling skills; if you are unsure, get out on less strenuous (and less risky) paddles until you’re comfortable and have enough skills and stamina to do the higher classification paddles.

Mentoring program

Are you new to the club and/or paddling? We have a mentoring program! Speak with the membership coordinator at their table at the next club meeting and they will coordinate a mentor for you.

Tips for new members

We have a few tips for new members – this is mailed to all new members – but it’s a good reminder for everyone! PIKA Paddler Guidelines includes all the “basics” for any paddler with PIKA.