Social Meeting Topic

OWL presentation at April social meeting

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, April 10. We are very fortunate to have a member of OWL, Orphaned WildLife, give us a presentation on Raptors. Owl is committed to educating the public on the conservation and importance of raptors.

OWL’s primary mission is to rehabilitate and release sick, injured, or orphaned raptors back into the wild. However, there are some cases where a raptor suffers a permanent injury which makes them unable to survive in the wild and they adjust well to human contact. These birds are given another chance to help their species by becoming Educational Ambassadors. The Educator will bring 1 owl and 1 hawk/falcon/turkey vulture, as well as providing a presentation on raptors and how we can help.

Doors open at 7pm, meeting starts at 7:30. Non-members welcome.

Harmsworth Hall,7170 232nd Street, Langley BC. (Across the street from the Chevron/White Spot immediately south of Hwy 1)