Hello fellow paddlers,

With all the changes in Covid restrictions being made recently, PIKA has decided to also make a change in that regard. Going forward, participants in PIKA paddles are no longer required to fill out the Covid-19 questionnaire.

Kayaking is probably the safest outdoor group sport with regards to Covid-19.

However, we do expect that all members will use caution as we move forward. This would look like respecting the fact that not all of us are comfortable being closer than 2 metres to others. It might also look like some of us still will be carrying masks along in case we need to be closer to each other, (for use in public washrooms etc.).

We also expect that no one will show up for a paddle/trip when they are not well, and we would like you to know that if you do, for the sake of everyone else on the paddle, you will not be allowed to participate.

Hopefully conditions regarding Covid will continue to get better, and in the meantime we all have lots of experience in how to keep ourselves safe.

March 23, 2022