Re-entry qualification

Annual Re-entry Qualification Change

PIKA places a high value on training and safety and as a result we require that in order to participate in any club paddle, you must be able to do an assisted re-entry, both as the assistant and the assisted. To participate in PIKA classification 2, 3, or 4 paddles, you must also be able to do an unassisted re-entry. To participate in PIKA classification 4 paddles, you must also be able to do a roll. These skills must be practiced once within the previous 365 days as a basic safety precaution.

Normally, in addition to courses and clinics offered by the club or its members, we also host winter training sessions at local pools. Unfortunately, this year as a result of COVID-19 related precautions, many courses and clinics were cancelled and it remains uncertain that we will be able to host pool sessions over the winter.

Qualification change

Consequently, PIKA has decided to extend the requalification period for all members who have previously completed these requirements. Members will now have until May 31st, 2021 to practice re-entry skills and may participate in PIKA trips in the meantime.  We plan to hold some open air sessions in the spring so that you can requalify before the May 31st extension deadline.

Please keep in mind that we have been experimenting with some slightly different versions of the assisted re-entry in order to maintain a bit of distance. You may want to review those techniques. 

Here is a video of COVID-19 safe assisted rescues.

New members will still have to practice these skills at least once in order to paddle on PIKA trips. We understand that it may be inconvenient, but your safety is important to us. New members can complete these requirements by either taking a course with a local instructor, (if you need a contact, please see our list of local kayak instructors), or by attending one of the outdoor sessions put on by our experienced club members as below.

Upcoming outdoor re-entry practices

We are hosting a few outdoor sessions just for re-entry practice before the cold weather sets in. 

Oct. 10 at Blackie Spit.  Contact John Drent at

Oct. 11 at Sasamat Lake. Contact Sonny Zlotnik at