Here’s the 2019 PIKA Paddles and Trip Calendar! (Version 2, February 2, 2019)

The trip facilitators have week day, week end day, week end, week long and longer paddles on the calendar for 2019!  Click on the picture to open the catalogue.  Check back often as there are frequent changes!  

You must be a club member to join in on the paddles, and there are no “drop ins”.  If it’s a single day paddle, you’ll need to let the trip facilitator know at least two days ahead so the float plan can be created and sent to the Trip Coordinator.  If it’s a weekend or longer camp, then more than a week’s notice of your intent to participate is required.  More adventurous week-long paddles require pre-meetings to make sure everyone is capable of safely making the trip.

Check it out!  Plan out your paddling year and let the facilitators know as soon as you know!

The first page of the Paddle Calendar contains the trip rating.  Don’t overestimate your paddling skills;  if you are unsure, get out on less strenuous (and less risky) paddles until you’re comfortable and have enough skills and stamina to do the higher level paddles.

Are you new to the club and/or to paddling?  We have a mentoring program!  Speak with the membership coordinator at his table at the next club meeting and he’ll coordinate a mentor for you.

We have a few tips for new members – this is mailed to all new members, but is a good reminder for everyone!  It includes all the “basics” for any paddler with PIKA:  PIKA New paddler guidelines 2015