With the health and well being of our members foremost on our minds, and in following governments guidelines and consulting with other paddling clubs, we regularly review our trip calendar to ensure that only safe trips are scheduled.

As of May 20, with things cautiously opening up around us, the trip calendar is updated to the end of June. Some of our day trips will be happening, but may have changes due to closures. These trips will also require all participants to use COVID-19 safe practices as described below.

One other requirement for participating in any paddles is a current self re-entry skill.  

Recommended COVID-19 Safe Practices

If you are headed out for a paddle, here are our recommended safe practices:

  • Don’t paddle alone…paddling in groups of 3 or 4 is best. No more than 6
  • Do carry hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes. A few wipes in a Ziploc will fit easily in your PFD pocket .
  • Don’t car pool unless you live together
  • Don’t touch each other’s gear
  • Don’t help undo each other’s kayaks from the roof racks
  • Do use hand sanitizer after helping to carry someone’s kayak
  • Do stay 2 metres apart, including when you stop for lunch
  • Don’t go out in rough water…we don’t want you to have to do an assisted re-entry
  • Do be confident in your self re-entry skill so that an assisted re-entry is not necessary
  • Don’t forget all your usual safety equipment and dress for the water…it is still cold